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Full Length Switch Harnesses for '14-23 Touring

Full Length Switch Harnesses for '14-23 Touring

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 -If installing 14", 16", or 18" on a street glide, electra glide, ultra classic/limited, or trike we highly recommend using this harness.

-With 12" handlebars on street glide/electra glide models, the stock harness is long enough to run through the handlebar and out of the bottom slot, which means our can bus wire extensions are a more cost efficient option. With 14", 16" or 18" the stock harness is not long enough to make it out of the bottom slot of the handlebar which makes using our wire extensions a little bit tricky because you have to fight with the wire extension joint inside the handlebar. This full length harness will give you the extended length you need and make the installation process must easier

-Switch Harness will work for up to 18" handlebars

-No need for a wire extension with this harness

-Product will work on '14-23 Road Glides, Road King standards, street glide, ultra classic, electra glide, ultra limited, and trikes. Will not work for Road Glide Specials/CVOs due to it not including the harness for the blinkers.