***Due to extremely high demand, 23 CVO/24 model Street/Road Glide parts have a 2-3 week lead time from date order was placed***

Maverick Highway Bar Installation

What’s up guys, Ret Tolleson with KST Kustoms

Got a new product we are going to go over and show you how to put it on your bike.

This is our Maverick Crash Bar. 

You will notice this is raw, no finish right now.  This is how new this product is.

They will fit Street Glides 08’-22’, Road Glides 08’-22’ and Road Kings 08’-22’.

There should be no problems with the 23’ as well.

We will go over how to get them on your bike.

Bolts, hardware, and tools that you will need.

This bike is a 18’ Road Glide, with the new chin spoiler fairing.

May also be know as a CVO fairing.

Our Maverick crash bar will fit with it.

It’s a lower profile crash bar just like this stock one.

You will be able to use this crash bar if you have this piece.

If you have lowers, it will not fit.

Don’t know of any aftermarket crash bars that will fit with lowers.

Just a few simple bolts to remove.

We will show you how to get this on easily.

Next step.

You have these bolts that hold the lower brackets on.

These are torx 45.

This is all if you have a stock crash bar on the bike.

If you don’t, we will include the necessary bolts and hardware.

For the stock, its a torx 45.

Put that somewhere you won’t loose it.

Do the same thing on the other side.

Again, put your bolts somewhere safe.

Moving to the front.

If you have this stock low profile crash bar, its got some metal straps that secure it to the spoiler faring.

Those are torx 25 and we are just going to remove these.

You will not use these on your Maverick crash bar.

Ours will fit snugger to the spoiler faring so they wont we necessary.

There is another one on the other side as well.

Same thing.

One thing I failed to mention.

We always cover our parts with paint on it.

This front fender can easily be removed.

It just has two 1/4” hex drive bolts on each side and you can take the fender completely off.

You can put a cover on it.

Just don’t scratch it up.

Your two bolts in the middle hold this center bracket on.

These are going to be 3/16” hex drive.

I don’t like to remove them all the way.

Just back them out enough to take the pressure off.

I will show you why in the next step.

You can see, if you just back them out 1’ to 1.5” the crash bar won’t fall off.

If you do take them out, it’s not a big deal.

From here, just pick the crash bar up and remove it from the bike.

Now we are ready to put our Maverick crash bar on.

Basically going to do the reverse process.

Slide it through here and try not to ding anything up.

This is the other reason I like to just leave those bolts in.

We’re just going to let the crash bar rest on them.

Then we’re going to get the lower bolts seated in the hole and not tighten them all the way down.

Then we will come back to the front and tighten up the middle bolts.

Again, these metal bands that were holding it firmly to the spoiler faring are not going to be used.

This crash bar is 1.5” tubing so it’s much bigger than your stock one that is 1.25”.

We are working on trying to find someone with 1.5” diameter foot peg mounts.

A lot of guys like to run foot pegs on your crash bar, so we are looking for a source.

So, now we have it mounted in the center.

We are going to go to the side bolts and get them snugged up.

Find your hole and get it started.

Leave it a little loose and go to the other side and do the same thing.

Get it started and snug it up.

Now go to the middle bracket.

Push our crash bar up.

Lock these middle bolts down all the way.

It will pull everything to the frame.

Now we can go back to our lower bolts and tighten them up all the way.

Torx 45.

Same thing on the other side, Torx 45.

So that pretty much completes the mounting of your Maverick crash bar.

It’s pretty cut and dry. 

Just four bolts.

I do want to point out, if you have a full-size crash bar already on your bike,

This would be considered a low profile one,

You will notice that coming from behind the main faring you will have brackets that come down and mount to that full size crash bar.

You will have to remove those and use a crash bar eliminator to keep your fairing held up in place.

We have a separate product for this.

I will have tutorial video on how to install it as well coming soon.

Basically, it’s all on the inside of the faring so it’s all hidden.

You will be able to see our nice KST logo that is cut into the bracket.

It will mount behind the outer shell of the fairing right here where these blinkers are with this tab. And this tab will mount to where your bolts hold the gas tank to the frame.

All that’s going to do is give your faring support and keep it held up and reduce vibration.

If your bike already has a low-profile crash bar it comes stock with a very similar product.

It’s actually a tube with a bracket in the middle that mounts to the A frame and has the same type of mount that mounts behind the blinker inside the fairing.

So I’ll have a video explaining that.

It requires taking the outer shell of the fairing off but it’s very doable.

Just removing some bolts and putting everything back together.

So that pretty much wraps up our install for the Maverick Crash Bar.

Obviously, it will come finished in High Gloss black.

We are trying to figure out a way to Polish it like our stainless-steel handlebars.

Or have it chrome plated.

Not a easy part to polish.

We will try to continue to develop that for all you chrome lovers will be able to rock this as well.

If you have any questions as always feel free to shoot us a email, give us a call, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube drop us a comment.

See you next time.